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Sweeteners One of the reasons “regular” desserts arenʼt optimal for your health is the amount of sugar that they contain. Still, desserts are often called sweets for a reason. Here are some alternative sweeteners you can use for these recipes: • Raw Honey - unpasteurized, unheated honey is a thick non-vegan sweetener that you can find at most grocery or specialty stores. Not recommended for diabetics. • Stevia - made from a green leafy plant, this stuff is so sweet you only need a tiny amount. Stevia is my sweetener of choice, and I recommend you look for the green powdered version if you can find it. • Dates & Date Syrup - soft and sweet, these fruit are easily used as sweeteners with built-in fiber to slow the absorption of sugar. To make date syrup soak dates with water then blend the whole mixture until smooth. Use to replace other liquid sweeteners. • Agave - made from a cactus plant, agave is a liquid low glycemic sweetener, which means it wonʼt spike your blood sugar. Still, agave is a processed sweetener and not my number one recommendation. • Maple Syrup - made from boiling the sap of maple trees, this stuff is very sweet and although I sometimes use it in my recipes, I donʼt recommend you make it your default sweetener.

Why Raw? Another reason these desserts are healthy is that they are made from whole foods and are raw. Raw food means that the food was not cooked above 112-118F, to ensure that digestive enzymes are preserved. This in turn facilitates digestion and elimination, keeping your insides running in top shape. Those that have eaten raw food for a long time might notice that these desserts might not be properly food combined. I personally love adhering to food combination principles, but for desserts it is easy not to worry so much about combinations. Food combination rules are more important when it comes to cooked food groups. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out www.CureCravingsForever.com.

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